Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Only Time I'm Desperate and Sychofantic.... when there is a dog I have yet to win the heart of. It can iojjiijjjjjjjiikl;jk,,,,,,,,,,,l;.

^^                                             .
That was an honest to god example of what i'll let a dog do. She lay her chin down on my laptop keyboard, and it was so close to a show of affection that I had to let her do it. 

Jojo, my boyfriend's discerning and indifferent, 9 year old dog is the one I'm focusing my attention on now. Nevermind that she's known me for about 4 years, and that the past 1 of those years she has seen me about as much as she's seen Sean (her owner/my boyfriend). It doesn't matter. I'm still met with a polite tail wag at the door as she shoves past my knees to get to Sean's, where she will then wag violently, pant, and even sometimes whine happily. 

I give her treats. I pet her beyond my own desire to pet anymore. I scritch. I feed her. I play with her. But most of what i get is a bored look and maybe even a sigh. 

Any time she wants to get on the couch next to me, I nervously try to make her as comfortable as I can, telling her she's a good girl and that i'm so pleased she's come to join me. 

She's bored by me. Even though, while I try to type, she does this:

Yes, I look like a heroin addict without makeup. But i'm not. And I sacrificed my own dignity to document how she crawls on my lap and how I allow it. 

Gotta go not take her to the vet and not make her take a bath now.

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