Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer is coming.

Here I sit in shorts with the sliding foor open. I am trembling because it is too cold for shorts and no socks. I'm in major denial.
Turquoise Eyeliner.

Look how overly prepared I am. 

Bright Pink Shorts and Turquoise Tank Top

My pool towel waits hopefully by the door. 

My bathroom shelf is stocked with pretend tan, tan-without-cancer lotion, and aloe for when the lotion doesn't work or get worn. 

My patio has colorful votives waiting to be lit.

But it's just grey out....

This happens EVERY YEAR! I fall for the tease and think it's going to be sunny here on out, and then it just never is. 

There have been days of sunshine, and I have soaked them up and I have the sunburn to prove it. But until the days are ceaselessly sweaty, I'll just sit here and wait. 

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